February 1st - London

Hi to all my family, friends and colleagues,

Wendy and I are about to embark on our Great Tour of China, driving approximately 11,000 kms through China and Tibet. Making up the crew will be Chris Cooper, who has driven extensively through Africa and South America. The Tour starts from the Great Wall, just outside Beijing, on April 28th. After four weeks of driving across central China and into Tibet to the base camp at Mount Everest, we then head back through south-western China to arrive in Hong Kong on the 28th May. The Tour is organised by the Historic Endurance Rally Organisation(HERO).

We are driving in the Toyota Landcruiser we took round South America a couple of years ago. This time we have added an extra fuel tank to give us a range of 1,000kms without re-fuelling, navigation equipment, security cage for all our spares and equipment and a second spare wheel.

We are raising money for Hope and Homes for Children. This charity is based in Wiltshire and supports thousands of abandoned children in 14 countries around the world. If you would like to learn more about their work you can look them up on the web at: http://www.hopeandhomes.org

Once the Tour has started I will be posting regular updates on this site. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventure to one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

February 28th - Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon

We drove up to the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire, for the final pre-event briefing.

We met two Inca Trail participants, Alan Crisp and Terence English. Also, there were those who were doing their first HERO event, Jim Clarke, Kit Constable and Nick Barker, Simon Dedman and Eric Archer, Norman and Hazel Leighton , Ian Perkins and Roger and Sue Shuttleworth.

The car parked at the Centre.

March 3rd - Delivery to Tilbury

My co-driver, Chris Cooper, drove the Landcruiser from the garage in Littlehampton, where it has been prepared for the Great Tour of China, to the container depot near Tilbury.

I drove across to Tilbury from my home in South London and met Chris at the depot. Also there, was Richard Smith with his Landcruiser. Both cars were put into one 40 feet container. Richard's car was loaded first.

Like 'two peas in a pod'!

The cars were being shipped by container ship to a port in China about 100 miles from Beijing. Once unloaded from the ship, the container would be trucked to a depot in Beijing.

The next time we would see the cars would be when we collected them in Beijing, just before the start of the Great Tour of China, at the end of April.